Our Mission
Our mission is to restore marine ecosystems and biodiversity on a large scale.
To achieve this, we have set the goal of revitalizing up to 20,000 marine spaces by 2030, helping to make human activity in the oceans ocean-friendly.

¿How we do it?

We develop innovative and pioneering technological solutions, such as our revolutionary Bio Boosting System®, which combines regeneration technology, robotics for result monitoring, and Artificial Intelligence for data processing. With these technologies, we transform marine infrastructures into true blue oases while monitoring their impact and development in the environment.

¿How did it all start?

Our journey began in 2021 in Barcelona when Ignasi Ferrer, Mireia de Mas, and Anna Lloveras combined their expertise in oceanography, biology, operations, and business management to develop a regenerative and scalable solution specifically designed for marine infrastructures.

Ignasi Ferrer

CEO and Co-Founder

Mireia de Mas

COO and Co-Founder

Anna Lloveras

CSO and Co-Founder

Recognitions and partners

The transformative potential of our solution and the successes achieved have
been recognized by major global organizations.


Our Partners:

Our success is based on a strong network of partners who contribute to
obtaining innovative solutions and to the continuous improvement of our product.



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