Enhancing social well-being and economic prosperity by reinforcing the effectiveness of protection and restoration management in Mediterranean MPAs

June 2023 - May 2027

Funded by
The European Union, through the CINEA (European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency), funds projects under the HORIZON Innovation Actions framework.

Project Description

The main objective of the EFFECTIVE project is to develop a comprehensive scientific knowledge base and practical guidance, combining science, nature-based technological solutions, digitalization, and social engagement for the implementation of ecosystem-based management (Ecosystem Based Management System: EBMS) in the management of protection and restoration of the Mediterranean’s blue natural capital.

To ensure the success of this main objective, the project has partners with extensive experience in relevant areas covering the three pillars of EBMS: direction, information, and participation; as well as a pillar of nature-based solutions.

Additionally, this project envisages the implementation of EBMS in four pilot areas (Sea of Empordà, Ebro Delta, Northern Sardinia, Cavo Greco) towards protection and restoration solutions, in addition to considering connectivity between three of them through the existing Cetacean Migration Corridor.

OE directly intervenes in the Sea of Empordà (Port Estartit) and Ebro Delta.

Contribution of SV in this European Project:

SV is a company with expertise in accelerating and managing new and innovative projects to help society transition to a blue economy, currently being the main venture builder platform for the Blue Economy of the Mediterranean and Southern Europe. In this project, its role is to develop innovative business models that ensure economic survival and sustainability over time.


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