Next Generation Integrated Floating Wind Optimized for Deep Waters

November 2022 - April 2027

Funded by
The European Union
through the CINEA agency

Project Description

NEXTFLOAT aims to reduce the LCOE (levelized cost of energy) and increase the competitiveness of floating offshore wind (FOW) to accelerate its large-scale deployment. The project will demonstrate an integrated system consisting of the lightweight X1 floating platform with the PivotBuoy connection system: a novel design for offshore wind platforms that optimizes structural design, reduces structure weight, and significantly improves mooring and installation techniques and costs, with a wind turbine featuring an advanced rotor that requires less material, fewer components, with reduced capital and operating costs and improved environmental benefits. The project also proposes innovations to bring cost-efficiency improvements to the dynamic cable by using aluminum as a conducting material.
This innovative concept will be developed in a pilot at the MISTRAl location in the Mediterranean (Gulf of Lion).

OE’s contribution to this European project:

OE specializes in designing and implementing marine biodiversity regeneration systems through the application of state-of-the-art scientific innovations and nature-based solutions (NBS). Their solutions are designed to revitalize and recycle gray marine infrastructures (such as wind farms) into blue oases that enable biodiversity recovery and contribute to community well-being. Within the project, they will apply their BioBoosting Systems (BBS) technology as a biodiversity regeneration system on the entire floater.


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