BBS King Size

Development of a "King size" BBS system within the framework of the Competitiveness Vouchers program: Climate Change Vouchers

Ocean Ecostructures has developed the project “Development of a ‘King size’ BBS system,” which has been subsidized with the support of ACCIÓ under the Competitiveness Vouchers program: Climate Change Vouchers (ProACCIÓ Green) in collaboration with Lúcid.

This project has involved research, design, and development of a prototype using BioBoosting System technology aimed at primarily reducing carbon footprint while improving production compared to the original BBS.

The final environmental regeneration prototype with BBS technology and innovative materials promotes biological diversity, biomass, and CO2 capture in marine ecosystems. Additionally, it helps mitigate adverse impacts of marine infrastructures and encourages emission reduction through eco-design and sustainable technologies. This initiative revitalizes and transforms degraded marine areas into environmental regeneration tools, driving sustainability and restoration of the marine environment.