Bio-Technological Alliance for Marine Regeneration in the Port of Palma de Mallorca

Thanks to the development of the OASIS Project, submitted to the PUERTOS 4.0 call, marine regeneration units were installed in the Port of Palma and other facilities of the Balearic Port Authority on September 26, 2023, contributing to biodiversity recovery and the fight against climate change.

As part of the grant call from the Entrepreneurship Boost Plan for innovation in the port sector Ports 4.0, project 2.14 was presented: OASIS-Transformation of ports into active agents for biodiversity regeneration and climate change mitigation.

The OASIS project offers a comprehensive multi-technological solution combining biodiversity regeneration technology and data capture technology through sensorized USVs as an IoT platform, cloud computing system, and artificial intelligence for the generation of virtual sensors and 3D models that behave as Digital Twins. This strategy aims to transform gray infrastructures (in this case, commercial ports) into blue infrastructures (marine oases) through the restoration of degraded and contaminated spaces and biodiversity recovery, thus reinforcing the fight against climate change.

This project will result in sustainability and digitization improvements for commercial and sports ports that concentrate the highest pollution and environmental impact. Additionally, the project will advance economic development within the scope of the Blue Economy and pave the way for new monetizable ecosystem services by the ports.

As part of the OASIS project, the first Ocean Ecostructures regeneration structures were installed on September 26, 2023, along with the technological integration of GPA SEABOTS for control and monitoring through underwater robotics, at the facilities of the Port of Palma in collaboration with the Balearic Port Authority, the professional diving team of Naviera, and the Geocorail-Seacure team.