OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES Secures €1.6M to Regenerate Biodiversity in Degraded Marine Environments

The company welcomes Ship2B Ventures, Inclimo Climate Tech, and BStartup from Banco Sabadell to its shareholder base after developing a technology already installed in various commercial and sports ports such as those in Barcelona, Tarragona, Palma, and Puerto Banús, as well as in wind energy projects and other marine infrastructures.
  • OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES’ proprietary technology transforms marine infrastructures into habitats for various species, leveraging the oceans’ great resilience to regenerate biodiversity without interfering with their operations.
  •  The company invites other firms interested in integrating marine biodiversity promotion into their ESG policies to become Nature Positive; in its first two years, the company has installed over 100 bioregeneration units, increasing biodiversity levels by up to six times.
  • Founded in Barcelona in 2020, OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES was selected as one of twenty startups from over 2,500 companies by the Swedish accelerator Norrksen, with which it now shares a new headquarters in Barcelona.

Barcelona, November 23, 2023.

OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES, a technology company specializing in marine biodiversity regeneration, attracts investor attention and concludes its first capital increase set at €1.6 million. After developing proprietary technology and installing it in ports such as Barcelona, Tarragona, or Palma, and in sports marinas like Marina Palamós or Puerto Banús, the company has welcomed Ship2B Ventures (through BSocial ImpactFund, supported by the EIF, Banco Sabadell, and AXIS), Inclimo Climate Tech, and BStartup from Banco Sabadell into its shareholder base. The transaction enables the company to advance its strategic plan, aiming to extend its exclusive technology to new markets and industries, regenerating marine life and accelerating the fight against climate change.

Founded in Barcelona in 2020, OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES has developed state-of-the-art proprietary technology (Bio Boosting System) that reverses the historically negative impact of marine structures, turning them into biodiversity hotspots. This technology is introduced into the sea through Life Boosting Units, bioregeneration structures acting as micro-reefs made from natural substrates to mimic real ecosystems that promote flora and fauna diversity.

Currently, the company has already installed these tools in various commercial and sports ports such as those in Barcelona, Tarragona, and Palma, as well as in marinas like Puerto Banús (Marbella), Puerto Adriano (Calvià), and Palamós. “We have managed to develop a unique technology that turns ports Nature Positive without interfering with their operations,” says Ignasi Ferrer, founder and CEO of OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES; “this represents a before and after that we now want to apply to other structures such as offshore wind farms.” Comprising a multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, technologists, and business professionals, OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES vertically integrates the entire value chain; from continuous improvement of its technology to the installation of structures and the subsequent monitoring of their impact.

Monitoring is one of OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES’ value propositions. In this regard, the units the company installs underwater feature a system that periodically

calculates and reports the positive impact they generate, allowing for the valorization of the natural capital each port or company contributes to its surroundings.

Xavier Pont, co-founder and managing partner of Ship2B Ventures, emphasizes that “with OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES, we bring life back to the oceans through its technology. Ignasi is part of the new cohort of social entrepreneurs who think big and are our great hope for the future.”

From Inclimo Climate Tech, its co-founder and general partner, Fernando Casado, explains: “We are proud to support a company like OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES for its ambitious vision of combining economic profitability with the preservation of our oceans in response to the climate emergency. This investment not only represents an opportunity for economic growth but also ensures the regeneration of marine flora, crucial for the balance of marine ecosystems, which are fundamental pillars for ensuring sustainable development on our planet.”

Yolanda Pérez, director of BStartup from Banco Sabadell, assures: “We have chosen to invest in OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES because it is an excellent example of the new blue economy, with proprietary technology that is already being very well received in its market and with a top-notch team driving this high-impact company.”

The company turns infrastructures into generators of natural capital

OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES invites other companies interested in integrating marine biodiversity promotion into their ESG policies to join its project. The technology developed by the Barcelona-based startup provides monitoring of the impact in environmental terms, allowing for the valorization of the natural capital generated in each intervention. The company is currently developing

New headquarters in Barcelona alongside Norrsken.

Recently, OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES has been selected to be part of the new hub of the Swedish accelerator Norrsken in Barcelona, ​​which since October has had a space of 10,000 square meters at the Desigual headquarters. The technology company was one of the twenty startups chosen from among more than 2,500 companies after completing an extraordinary eight-week acceleration process in Stockholm last summer.

From its new headquarters at Norrsken House Barcelona, ​​just a few meters from the beach, OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES will have access to a global network of more than 2,000 founders and investors. “Being part of Norrsken represents a boost to our project,” says Ferrer; the foundation provides us with the necessary tools to stimulate our connections with investors and companies that need to reverse and valorize their impact on the environment, and that understand that the sea is their great ally in this purpose.

Meanwhile, OCEAN ECOSTRUCTURES is also one of the six startups selected by Fundación Repsol for a year-long acceleration process through its Entrepreneurship Fund. The Barcelona-based company, chosen from among more than 455 proposals from 75 different countries, will receive financial support of up to 100,000 euros for a year, guidance from Repsol’s expert technologists and a team of professional mentors with experience in the energy sector and business management, as well as the possibility of testing its technology in an industrial environment, key to the company’s scaling.